Reese, Hetty and Byatt from Wilder Girls by Rory Power. Twitter / Tumblr

9 thoughts on “Wilder Girls Portraits”

  1. would you be ok if we added this photo to the wilder girls wiki fandom? we need photos for byatt and reese and don’t want to take without your permission. Thanks!

  2. Much wow. These girls have such an amazing story, and they seem like real people. Not the people we try to be, but the people we are. We don’t like to say it, but humans are cowards. We wouldn’t try to kill that damned bear, we would turn tail and run. Rory Power is the author I aspire to be one day.

  3. Would love to see one of Byatt more alive looking. I pictured Hetty and Reese as you illustrated. I imagined Byatt having more life to her. But the artwork here is impeccable. Truly breathtaking. You are a fantastic artist

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