Jess and Abby from Not Your Sidekick

Reiko from A Darkly Beating Heart

Yasmin and Fray from The Legend Mirror

Danny from Dreadnought

Rishi and Alex from Labyrinth Lost

Clove and Ella from The Last Beginning

Francis from Radio Silence

Kara and Mnemba from Unicorn Tracks

Kindra and Dru from Assassins: Discord

Amara and Cilla from Otherbound

Cas and Swift from The Abyss Surrounds Us

Etta from Not Otherwise Specified

Danae, Evelyn and Rose from Chameleon Moon

Ran and Hana from Flowers of Luna

Pen and Blake from Girl Mans Up

Van and Brianna from Under The Lights

Cluny and Fever from Fever Crumb

Celosia and Ianthe from Daybreak Rising

Charlie and Alyssa from Queens of Geek

Keri from The Shattering

Victoria and Ashlinn from We Awaken

Ersel and Ragna from The Seafarer's Kiss

Juliet from Juliet Takes A Breath

Tony and Hinewai from The Wind City

Denna and Mare from Of Fire And Stars

Da-Xia and Greta from The Scorpion Rules

Taisin and Kaede from Huntress

Ana and Roxy from Songs That Sound Like Blood

Aviva and Shulamit from the Mangoverse series

Eva and Grace from How To Make A Wish

Kirby and Iris from Night Swimming