I price things case by case depending on complexity of the work, and what it's being used for - if you have a budget or budget range, please let me know!

Helpful information,  includes:

  • literal description and references of characters and what's happening in the image, if you have something specific in mind
  • or just general ideas if you don't have a specific concept
  • relevant tone/feel/aesthetic/context
  • If you have a particular art style of mine you're looking for - eg sometimes I do more sharp lines and cell shading, sometimes more textured sketchy lines

For book covers, in addition to the above:

  • title/byline/other text/genre/age range
  • reference of design/typography and examples of comparable book covers is also helpful for book design
  • even if they're not examples of visuals you're looking for, comp titles are very helpful to know where it fits in the genre
  • if you have a draft available that you would like me to read, I'm generally willing to do so! I am a fast reader and will usually have time.



  • I generally use Hnry for payment, which I believe allows you to pay via card.
  • I will price in USD in most cases, unless you live in NZ.
  • I also require half (or part) of payment upfront or after the sketch stage in most cases.

I will generally start with b&w sketches/concepts and update you on each step of the process depending on what works for each individual project. Major changes later in the process may require more payment, though we should be able to communicate and catch that earlier.

If changes involve depictions of a character's race, weight, disability etc - the most important thing is depicting them correctly, I will not charge extra for those changes.