My final honors year project at Massey University. Fully written, coded and illustrated by me.

Overgrown is a ‘hypercomic’ - a webcomic made specifically for the web, that can’t be replicated in print. Webcomics are a large and diverse medium, and though they are constantly evolving, very few use things like javascript, animation, infinite canvas, and even hyperlinks to their full potential - if at all. These things can not only enhance the narrative, making a more engaging and interactive story, but also make webcomics more accessible. I want to showcase some of the possibilities of hypercomics and inspire more webcomic creators to create them.

Overgrown is the product of my exploration into a variety of these techniques. I learned the technical side of them, and experimented with how to use them in intentional ways to enhance the story and create an interactive, engaging webcomic.

Read the finished comic at

Exposure Exhibition page

A selection of panels:




Concept art and sketches


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