Commissions are currently closed, though if you don't have a tight deadline feel free to email me and ask anyway!

Details are a little out of date - I will update this at some point, but don't have time right now.

Other options:  illustrations without characters, simple (very simple) animated images, character pages, and more other stuff.. If you see a particular piece of my work and want something similar, tell me and I can work out a price for you!

Prices (NZD, with approx usd stated)

  • character  (can be flat or a bit more painterly, tell me if you have a preference)
    • half : $25+ (17usd)
    • full : $35+ (24usd)
    • $5 per extra character
  • simple illustration (generally something with a couple characters, v simple background, or landscapeish w/ no characters)
    • $50-80 (36-58usd)
  • complex illustration
    • $80-180 (58-130usd) (depending on amount of characters, background complexity, amount of references, etc)
  • mini bust
    • $15 (10usd)
  • portrait:  (can be more realistic or not, but i’ll need a pretty close photo ref if you want it realistic)
    • $40 (29usd)
  • ink (can be a portrait or full body thing, can send you it if you pay shipping. can have some colour)
    • $20+ (15+usd)
  • painting (acrylic, mostly landscape but i can do other things, )
    • $100+ (70+usd)


How to commission

  • Email me at
  • Tell me what kind of commission you want - if you're not sure what category it'll be under, describe it and I can figure it out.
  • Tell me the details of the art: please provide clear visual references of the characters(s) and anything else necessary. This is especially important if I’m not familiar with the characters, and the more references the better!
  • I will reply with whether I can do it, the price and anything I need clarified - we can discuss this and once we’ve agreed I will send you a paypal invoice.
  • I’d like the payment up front - if it’s more than $50 you can pay half before and after if you want
  • I generally send a few WIPs (sketch, lineart, colours) -  you can request minor changes, basically anything that’s not a major compositional change tbh
  • Previous commissions I’ve done for people are here.


fine print

  • Payment is via paypal - so you’ll need a verified account. (or if you live in NZ we can probably do a bank thing)
  • You will have the rights to use for whatever non-commercial purposes you want, but make sure to credit me where appropriate!
  • If it's something for cover art or something else being published/reproduced I will probably charge more - these are my prices for things for personal use (or indie creators , etc)
  • No nsfw or super gory - nothing more than anything I’ve posted before (like, naked merfolk are okay as long as it’s not super sexual).
  • Animals generally count as an extra character (unless it’s small or in the background)
  • If the illustration contains something particularly complicated like fancy architecture or mechanical things, for example, I may raise the price.
  • If you are going to post it on you tumblr tell me! I like to reblog all my art onto my art blog. Otherwise let me know if I can post it onto this blog.
  • Simple character things should take me 1-3 weeks after payment to complete it - other things maybe longer, depending on how busy I am. I’ll let you know. It also depends on how quickly you reply to WIP emails (sometimes this is just because timezones don’t match).